Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hey the trash was emptied at the stations!!!

Empty Dumpsters. This is something we haven't seen for a couple of months. But here is the proof. The dumpsters have been emptied at the stations. This is one fantastic sight. Not to mention we no longer have to endure the stench.

Whomever was responsible for this, you have our deepest thanks and gratitude.

Two days after my blog post citing the deplorable conditions of our overflowing dumpsters, they were emptied. I think this is just a coincidence.

Regardless of how or why, the job was done and that's what counts.

Again thanks to whomever you are. Finally someone had the firefighters in mind.

Until next time....

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hey the trash is building up at the stations!!!!

Our trash dumpsters are on overflow at the fire stations!!!!

I am sure that all the fire stations are having the same problem. But why is this happening? Why are we being subjected to living in such filth? These dumpsters are attracting every rat, cat, dog in the neighborhood. The stench is horrific. It's totally unsanitary.

I guess because our Fire Administrators are not living in these conditions it doesn't matter to them. This has been ongoing for months now and still no daylight.

What are they doing about it if they are doing anything at all. I guess it really doesn't matter because all that really matters is the end result. The trash is either picked up or is isn't.

We are even having to haul the trash to the dump ourselves using our own personal vehicles and paying the tipping fee.

Oh well, someone's got to do the job. And it's usually the firefighters in the field.

Here are photos of what we have to live with....

If you noticed our personal trailer is full of trash and we were only able to empty the dumpster enough so that it will close.

At least now we won't be picking up the trash from the ground every morning for a couple more days.

Until next time....

Bill 147 Public Safety Physical Fitness Standards Public Hearing

The Legislature's Committee on Public Safety, Law Enforcement, and Judiciary will conduct a public hearing at 9 a.m. and at 1:30 p.m. Friday at the Legislature's public hearing room.

There are many bills on the agenda, but one that pertains to the Guam Fire Department as well as to all the other public safety entities, is bill 147. This bill would establish physical fitness standards and policies for public safety and law enforcement uniformed personnel.

All concerned personnel are encouraged to attend and offer oral and/or written testimony. I present the bill in it's entirety below. You can also view the bill online at the following link:

You can click on each page to enlarge it.

I hope that this information is of interest to you.

Until next time....