Thursday, April 7, 2011

Update on Fire Truck and Ambulance Procurement

Just a quick update on the procurement of the firetrucks and ambulances.

I checked with the Special Projects Section of GFD, who oversee and/or observe the procurements and this is what I was told. There is no current procurement in the process for ambulances. No funding has been identified. Specifications have been drawn up though and they are trying to identify a funding source .

Regarding the current firetruck procurement, according to Captain Ron Chiguina, the 5 firetrucks have now gone down to 4 total firetrucks. I am awaiting information as to why the amount was lessened. The current status of the procurement process is that the package is still at GSA awaiting word when the pre-bid conference will take place.

By my estimation, if we can get an award for the trucks in the next 1 1/2 months, the build time usually is about 220 to 260 days. Then the pre-delivery inspection will take place and then the shipping if all goes well with the inspection. Delivery usually takes about 20-30 days. So all in all we are looking at anywhere between 270-335 days before we see the trucks on Guam. Then they have to go through the on-island service by the vendor, inspection and registration by DPW, and the final turnover to GFD. That' another 2-4 weeks. Of course all this timeline is from my experience having been involved in a number of firetruck procurements in the past. This does not take into consideration of a protest by any of the bidders. That would change everything and throw the entire time elements off by an unknown amount of days or months. That has happened in the past also.

No matter how we look at it, we will be fortunate to see those firetrucks in service within the year.

The ambulances are another matter. Nothing, nada, ni hafafa......

Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Until next time....

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Community Firefighter Reserve Program.....What is it really????

We hear a lot about the Volunteer Firefighter Reserve Program lately. But what is it all about really?
Is it truly a program that does not cost money or does it need funding to implement? Let's take a look at the actual law itself.

Here it is, page by page Public Law 27-67...

 Page 1

 Page 2

 Page 3

 Page 4

 Page 5

 Page 6

 Page 7

 Page 8

 Page 9

 Page 10

Page 11

Well, there you have it. The entire law that adopted the Community Firefighter Reserve Program.

It does cost money to operate this program and the law also says that the program shall be subject to the appropriation of necessary funds by the Legislature.

Senator Palacios needs to study the law and comprehend what he studies because he has gone on record to say that the Fire Department does not need money for the program.

Well, that is not what the law states.

Until next time....

Senator Palacios wants to change firefighter annual leave law!!!

Senator Palacios stated on the PNC newscast this evening, Wednesday, April 6, that he feels the Guam Fire Department is abusing the use of leave and overtime compensation. Senator Palacios stated that he agrees with the Public Auditors report on the matter. Here is the newscast followed by th exert from the Public Auditors report:

News report by Kevin Kerrigan, PNC News

Public Auditor's Report Title Page

Public Auditor's Report Exert

You can read the OPA's report in it's entirety at the following web site:

My question is how come no one has explained or defined what are non-productive hours?

And if Senator Palacios is complaining about our leave hours, then why did he vote to pass P.L. 28-72 which specifies our leave hour deduction for "any given day"? Did he understand what he was voting for??? Look at the rest of the Senators who voted to pass this law.

I have attached P.L.28-72 with the voting sheet below:

The proof is in the pudding.

Until next time....

Firefighter Plane Pull for American Cancer Society

Calling All Firefighters!!!!
We have a Plane pulling competition coming up. We need all you big, strong, tuff firefighters to come out and pull for Team GFD and for the American Cancer Society.

Date:   April 9th, 2011 Saturday!!
Time:   8:30am to 4:00pm
Place:  Continental Hanger (VQ-1), Tiyan

Fire Captain Dean Soriano is the coordinator for Team GFD. Here is his message to the troops and supporters....

Thanks again for your support.  The event is slated to begin at 0830 hrs. with a parade of teams and some speeches of course from dignitaries.  The first pull will be at 0930 hrs.  and we'll be pulling 14th in the order so that means within the first hour or so.  Everyone is invited, please come out it'll be FUN!  Anyone interested in pulling please be there at least by 0900 hrs.  *See attached flyer for rules and prizes.  Oh! by the way the entrance fee has already been covered, all you need to do is show up.
I know that some were looking forward to barbecuing but it's still not too clear if we will be allowed to and where, if we get enough interest generated this year we can plan for it better next year...In any case there will be concessions and other booths there so please come on out, bring the families and enjoy the festivities and at the same time support the American Cancer Society fundraising efforts.
We still need a team name and a blurp (team intro), any ideas?  All input appreciated!
Capt. Dean

Here are the flyers and a map for this event:

Map to the event at the Continental VQ-1 Hanger, Tiyan

So everyone, come on out and bring your families, friends, relatives and anyone else you happen to pick on on the roadside. It will be a day of tuff and fun competition, just what we like. Let us see who is the best. But most of all, it is all about supporting the American Cancer Society here on Guam.

Until next time....

Monday, April 4, 2011

Battalion Fire Chief Mike Aguon named acting Chief for 90 days!!!

Hot off the press....this just in....and all that stuff, Battalion Fire Chief Mike Aguon has been named the Acting Fire Chief for 90 days. Here is the KUAM news story:

Mike Aguon named Acting GFD Chief

Posted: Apr 04, 2011 11:16 AMUpdated: Apr 04, 2011 11:21 AM
Guam - Governor's Chief of Staff Frank Arriola announced today that Battalion Fire Chief Mike Aguon has been tapped to serve as the Acting Chief of the Guam Fire Department for the next 90 days. Arriola adding a decision will be made at a later time as to whether his appointment will be sent to the Guam Legislature for confirmation.
Aguon takes over in the midst of the controversy surrounding the appointment of John Salas to the position. His nomination expired today. Lawmakers did not vote on his confirmation but sent it back to committee.

That's all we have for now.

Until next time....