Friday, April 1, 2011

Firefighters Rally for Chief Salas at the Guam Legislature!!!

Guam firefighters rallied at the Guam Legislature building public hearing room to show support for the confirmation of Acting Fire Chief John C. Salas.

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Here are a few photos of the event:

Troops just waiting for the session to start 

Doug showing off one of the signs we posted

Capt. Fred Blas rolling up those sleeves or is he just scratching

Lucky Joe brought the kids. No fighting today!!!

Come on JD.....You can do it!!

The meeting of the minds

Someone saw the camera

Joe, James and Capt Fred striking the pose

I hope Roger and Dave are just Cycle Mates

Capts Jose and RC

Some of the troopers sitting on one side of the Public Hearing Room

Some more troopers sitting on the other side of the Public Hearing Room

Would you go up against this group? Don't go there!!

Senator Thomas Ada, one of our favorites

I just wanted to keep everyone informed. I will write my personal comments on this matter later today.

Got to go to a meeting.

Well today is April 4th and I was going to write a detailed analysis about what transpired to include the behind the scenes shuffling of the Senators on this matter, but what does it really matter anyway. The Senators didn't really care what we had to say. Chief Salas' last day is today. All I can really say is that there are many more persons that I learned you cannot trust. What a shame. Do we deserve what we get???? I don't think so. Just remember your favorite Senators come election time. Don't forget.

Until next time....

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