Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gov Guam Furlough Procedures

Well there has been a lot of talk about furloughs within the Government of Guam Executive Branch lately. Who knows what is going to happen. Hopefully no one gets furloughed or laid off because we all have families the we need to support.

Here is the Government of Guam furlough procedures as written in the Personnel Rules and Regulations, Department of Administration, Government of Guam. These procedures are located in the very last 5 pages of this manual.

Page H1

Page H2

Page H3

Page H4

Page H5

Here is the link to the entire Rules and Regulations.

I would advise everyone to read the Furlough Procedures in their entirety and understand them. You never know when this knowledge may be able to help you in the future. Also get to know the following page as well...

This page in the DOA Rules and Regs is very important in that in Section A the last sentence reads, "The workweek may be changed, but only if the change is intended to be permanent and is not made to evade overtime requirements and policies."

It appears that the Government cannot reduce our hours of work in order to not pay us our overtime. And our overtime hours are not the regular "periodic overtime" that happens every so often. Our overtime hours are what is called "customary overtime" We work it every pay period and have done so since 1987.

Here is what the Federal Courts say.....

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Well, as you can see these employees were in the same situation that we are in. Working overtime every pay period. And when they did not get paid their overtime when they went on leave, they took it to court and won. The law is clear, Federal Law takes precedence over local laws and when there is a conflict, the Federal Law rules. Anyway, that is what an attorney told me. And there is an AGs opinion to back this up also.

Well, I think that is enough on this topic for now. This is quite a bit to digest but these are things everyone needs to know.

If you have any questions, just ask in the comments section and just use "Anonymous" as your ID. I will try to get an answer back to you.

Until next time....

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