Monday, August 15, 2011

Roundtable Meeting called for by Senator Palacios

Senator Palacios is calling for another roundtable meeting inviting the Guam Fire Department to discuss information of a variety of topics. Below is the information from the Legislative calendar... 

Round Table - A.B. Palacios, SR.
WhenFri, August 19, 6pm – 7pm
WherePublic Hearing Room (map)
DescriptionThe Committee on Public Safety, Law Enforcement and Judiciary will be conducting a public meeting for discussion are the following: 1. Development of "Short Term" solution, which would entail: Leasing of private ambulance; Progress/status of repairs of the ambulances at shops 2. Development of a plan for "long-Term" solution, which would entail: Purchasing of new ambulances; - Adopting the specifications - Drafting RFI's - Quantity to purchase - Funding Sources 3. Estimated project revenues from outsourcing of billing (Life Quest Contract). 4. Estimated time for the full implementation of ambulance fees, billings, and collections. 5. Average annual cost for maintenance per vehicle, for "First Responder" Vehicles. 6. Average annual expenditure for repairs of "First Responder" vehicles (based on the last 3-5 years expenditures.) 7. Suggest legislation, new or amendment, to mititgate the current conditions of the ambulance service. For additional information please contact Julian Janssen of Jennifer Dulla at 472-5047/5048

Hope those of you who are not working will be able to attend. These meeting always prove very interesting. I, unfortunately must work that day.

Until next time....

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