Friday, September 9, 2011

Agat Fire/Rescue Field Day

Agat/Rescue #3 crew, l-r FFII JJ Cruz, Capt. Matt Poppe, FFII JP Sanchez, Lt. Jerry SN Barcinas, and Lt. JK Borja 

We all know that the Guam Fire Department has a lot of emergency alarm responsibilities.  We respond to structure fires, auto fires, wildland fires, medical emergencies, ambulance transports, hazardous materials, bomb threats, land rescues, sea rescues, typhoons, earthquakes......You name it and we respond to it whether it is an emergency or a non-emergency call for assistance. WE are THERE!!!

And what do we do in our "spare time". We train for all of those emergencies. We conduct inspections so that we can attempt to make structures safe by education and compliance. We go out to the the schools and give safety talks to the students, we help train school staff, and we donate a lot of time teaching first aid and CPR. We do a lot that most people don't realize. But that is OK because we know what we do. And above all of this, we maintain our stations as best as we can with the resources that we have. And those resources usually come out of our own pockets.

Here is one example that I am talking about. The other day, I was driving through the Agat Mariana and I happened upon the Fire/Rescue #3 crew outside conducting yard maintenance, or as we term it, "field day". Now we usually do this every Saturday at our stations, but during the rainy season, we do it whenever we get a "dry" day.

Here are some photos I took of the crew wrapping up their field day.....

Final touch up.

Picking up the "zacate".

Trimming the shrubbery.

Final look. 

Nice and clean. Great job guys!!!

You see, they don't just save lives, they have other skills as well!!!  HeHe.

Firefighters take pride in their work and their surroundings. But sometimes we are limited by the funding. And in cases like this where all the tools are brought in from home, we pay out of our own pockets. Gas, bushcutter whip, oil, etc. It all comes out of our pockets.

So the next time you pass by a fire station, a rescue station or other fire department building and notice something that needs fixing or upkeep, remember......don't think negative about the firefighters. Maybe we are just saving money from our family's pockets so that we can take care of those things at the station.

It's all from the heart!!!!

Until next time....

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