Thursday, March 10, 2011

Senator Palacios is calling the stations...beware!!

Team GFD, guess what I found out? I have heard from a direct source, that Senator Palacios is calling fire stations requesting information about our station supplies, firefighting equipment, etc. All this without consulting with the Fire Chief's office to work in unison for a positive purpose.

If he is not working in conjunction with the Fire Chief's office, then it leads me to believe that he is up to something. I cannot say whether it is something good or something bad. I will leave that up to you, but I have my own thoughts on the matter. But I will tell you this, if he is not working in conjunction with the Fire Chief's office, which is the most appropriate method, then his method is stealthy to say the least. 

I think he is calling around looking for "bullets" to use against our Fire Chief in Chief Salas' bid for confirmation. What gets me is that if Sen. Palacios has firefighters calling him up complaining about the compensation of our uniform firefighters performing administrative functions and other things, like he has been saying, then why does he need to call around to the fire stations asking for more info?

A Senator can act on information received, but to solicit information from an agency's employees without the consent or in conjunction with that agency's Director is underhanded in my opinion. If Senator Palacios is that concerned about the current status of the Guam Fire Department, and he does not want to work with our Fire Chief, then he should call for and schedule an oversight hearing . That would be the proper way to do things.

To further illustrate Senator Palacios' actions, he called one station, and introduced himself to the firefighter that answered, who was not the Officer-In-Charge, and told that firefighter that he was taking a survey. Senator Palacios asked questions about our station supplies. How often do we receive the supplies. There were other questions to include questions about our manpower. Senator Palacios asked how many fire stations do we have and the firefighter told him that we had 12 fire stations plus the "rescue". At that time Senator Palacios remarked words to the effect of, "See, they could put those 11 firefighters at each station. You know, Chief Mike Uncangco and those guys are full of shit". Those were the exact words that the firefighter told me that Senator Palacios used. That firefighter, whom I elect not to identify, told me that if he needs to testify to those statements and any other part of the conversation, he would.

Well, need I say more? Here is a Senator using (alleged) that type of vulgar language to a Government of Guam employee, who he does not even know, regarding one of our Fire Chiefs and other fire personnel. Is this the behavior that one would expect to come from a Guam Senator? I think not, nor would I trust someone like this.

Later I was informed that Senator Palacios had paid a personal visit to another fire station asking questions specifically regarding the personal opinions of fire personnel towards the uniform firefighters working administrative duties. I verified this visit . Again, all this without the acknowledgement and approval of our Fire Administration.

Well, all I can say is something does not smell right. I guess if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck and looks like a duck, it must be a duck. And that is putting it in a nice way. But then again, these are all just my opinions.

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  1. Senator Palacios, you were drowned with a whole lot of lies and negative input by former Chief Peredo. You have already decided to kill before you persecute. I would like to believe that there is such a thing as an honest politician or a politician that listens, investigates and then acts on it.

    Senator Palacios, if you want to shine...then shine the honest way. Stop this nonsense of cutting the truth out, believing the liars and crooks themselves, and hunting for points to get noticed. I've watched a few meetings with you and Guam Fire Department...and it's so sad because whenever the truth is being said or about to be cut them out.

    I have lost complete respect even more so after you called Chief Uncangco and other firemen "full of shit". Personally in my opinion, I think you are the one that's "FULL OF SHIT!" I'm glad that that particular firefighter would testify if called upon regarding your statement.

    Look back during David Peredo's time...he has suffered so many families by having them arrested and wasted so much government monies because he jumped the gun and accused them before getting solid evidence. Chief Peredo had shared with quite a few GFD employees that he is very upset that the former management of GFD did not give him what he wanted in the past and that is why he wanted to be the Fire Chief to get back at them. I don't know but this sounds like VENGEANCE. What we don't understand is...the people whom he claimed did not give him what he wanted in the past have either resigned, retired or passed away. How dumb can he be?

    To be continued...

  2. I am absolutely appalled at the tactics that Palacious is using. That's right, he does not deserve the title senator. This blog is correct, if this is what is happening, then call for an oversight and allow the audience to chime in. He won't because he knows that many will go against him.
    As for those in the office, particularly the special projects section, there is no doubt in my mind that they are solely responsible for pushing the Guam fire department in the right direction. We have not seen so much equipment come in since they were transferred in over a year ago. If there is anything that Fire Chief Salas did that was right was keeping those four in headquarters. I spoke with them and none of them volunteered to go in, but they answered the call and now Palacious wants to smear their names. All his actions are unethical and a complaint should be thing is for sure, he lost a big voting block come next election.

  3. Amen to that. Do I smell Oversight??