Friday, March 11, 2011

Senator Palacios and Rueben Olivas on the Ray Gibson K57 Radio Talk Show

Well it was Friday morning and another beautiful day on Guam. Ray Gibson, K57 radio talk show host, had his radio show going full blast again this fine morning. One of his call-in guests was Senator Adolpho Palacios.

Ray asked the Senator about the upcoming meeting at the legislature regarding the confirmation of Acting Fire Chief John C. Salas. Here is the link to that recorded conversation:

Well everyone, if you listened to that conversation, it pretty much speaks for itself. One point of fact is that the memo sent to the Acting Fire Chief by Senator Palacios requesting his presence at this meeting on Monday, March 14th, at 6:30pm terms this meeting as a "Roundtable Meeting".

Why is the name important one might ask? The name defines the type and purpose of the of meeting to be held. Different government meetings have different requirements and guidelines to abide by as per statutes, legislative standing rules, etc. Some allow for public oral and/or written testimony to be presented and in other meetings public testimony is not required.

We just want to know. Now what is so hard about letting us know????

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