Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Roundtable II. How did it go??

Roundtable II was held this past Monday, March 14th at 6:30pm at the Legislature Public Hearing Room.

I think everything went pretty smooth. Senator Palacios conducted the meeting very professionally, which was a big improvement over the first roundtable discussion held a couple of weeks ago.

His committee was there in full force. Those Senators were Tom Ada, V. Anthony Ada, Mana Silva Taijeron, Dr. Aline Yamashita, Chris Duenas, and Rory Respicio. 

Most of them asked the Chief a few questions and the evening went by fairly quick and uneventful. All of this could have been done in any regular meeting between two persons in an office somewhere. There was really no need for a roundtable discussion because there really was no discussion going on. It was all questions and answers to those questions from the Acting Fire Chief.

Well, now that this is all done, can we start getting down to improving Guam Fire so that better and more efficient services can be given to our island residents???? We've wasted enough time and money on this matter.

Until next time....

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