Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Would you vote to re-elect Senator Palacios poll results!!!!

The latest poll on my blog is over. The results are in. The question was: "If an election were held today, would you vote to re-elect Senator Palacios??"

The results are unanimous:  Yes votes: 0
                                  No votes:  20

Those results send a powerful message. Senator Palacios you are not doing enough!!!!!

But that being said, I am optimistic. I had lunch with Senator Palacios recently at the Seaman's Club (the old USO) in Piti (Guam for those of you elsewhere in the world). We spoke about the recent issues concerning firefighter compensation, fire apparatus, equipment, stations and stations supplies, ambulances, etc. He has vowed to amp up his efforts to help Guam Fire out. And I will do whatever I can to help this happen.

We even spoke about station tours with the Fire Chief. This would be a great opportunity for firefighters to express their sentiments directly to those that can implement change and provide funding appropriations.

Whatever happens, you can count on me to keep track of things and keep everyone informed on this blog and my email listing.

If you want to be included on my email listing, send your requests to me at: rdo1043@yahoo.com.

Until next time......


  1. Thanks for the update Cap. We are fortunate to have your reletntless efforts towards improving the department!

  2. It is in the blood. You firefighters and our island residents are worth the effort plus more.