Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Community Firefighter Reserve Program.....What is it really????

We hear a lot about the Volunteer Firefighter Reserve Program lately. But what is it all about really?
Is it truly a program that does not cost money or does it need funding to implement? Let's take a look at the actual law itself.

Here it is, page by page Public Law 27-67...

 Page 1

 Page 2

 Page 3

 Page 4

 Page 5

 Page 6

 Page 7

 Page 8

 Page 9

 Page 10

Page 11

Well, there you have it. The entire law that adopted the Community Firefighter Reserve Program.

It does cost money to operate this program and the law also says that the program shall be subject to the appropriation of necessary funds by the Legislature.

Senator Palacios needs to study the law and comprehend what he studies because he has gone on record to say that the Fire Department does not need money for the program.

Well, that is not what the law states.

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