Thursday, April 7, 2011

Update on Fire Truck and Ambulance Procurement

Just a quick update on the procurement of the firetrucks and ambulances.

I checked with the Special Projects Section of GFD, who oversee and/or observe the procurements and this is what I was told. There is no current procurement in the process for ambulances. No funding has been identified. Specifications have been drawn up though and they are trying to identify a funding source .

Regarding the current firetruck procurement, according to Captain Ron Chiguina, the 5 firetrucks have now gone down to 4 total firetrucks. I am awaiting information as to why the amount was lessened. The current status of the procurement process is that the package is still at GSA awaiting word when the pre-bid conference will take place.

By my estimation, if we can get an award for the trucks in the next 1 1/2 months, the build time usually is about 220 to 260 days. Then the pre-delivery inspection will take place and then the shipping if all goes well with the inspection. Delivery usually takes about 20-30 days. So all in all we are looking at anywhere between 270-335 days before we see the trucks on Guam. Then they have to go through the on-island service by the vendor, inspection and registration by DPW, and the final turnover to GFD. That' another 2-4 weeks. Of course all this timeline is from my experience having been involved in a number of firetruck procurements in the past. This does not take into consideration of a protest by any of the bidders. That would change everything and throw the entire time elements off by an unknown amount of days or months. That has happened in the past also.

No matter how we look at it, we will be fortunate to see those firetrucks in service within the year.

The ambulances are another matter. Nothing, nada, ni hafafa......

Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Until next time....

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