Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Senator Palacios wants to change firefighter annual leave law!!!

Senator Palacios stated on the PNC newscast this evening, Wednesday, April 6, that he feels the Guam Fire Department is abusing the use of leave and overtime compensation. Senator Palacios stated that he agrees with the Public Auditors report on the matter. Here is the newscast followed by th exert from the Public Auditors report:

News report by Kevin Kerrigan, PNC News

Public Auditor's Report Title Page

Public Auditor's Report Exert

You can read the OPA's report in it's entirety at the following web site:

My question is how come no one has explained or defined what are non-productive hours?

And if Senator Palacios is complaining about our leave hours, then why did he vote to pass P.L. 28-72 which specifies our leave hour deduction for "any given day"? Did he understand what he was voting for??? Look at the rest of the Senators who voted to pass this law.

I have attached P.L.28-72 with the voting sheet below:

The proof is in the pudding.

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